a memory

the quote of the day today
brought back quite a memory.
one of those memories that hits
full force and you’re back there,
right in the moment.

it was written way way back in the edge between
my old life and my new life.

it was written for the counselor who would go from
my marriage counselor to my own individual counselor.

in a time where i felt completely out there on my own,
unseen by those i so wanted to see –
she was right there.
letting me know she saw.
she saw me.
the situation.
and my pain.
she saw me in the most profound way.
in a way i needed so badly.

that first moment i felt this came back to me this morning.
and i actually teared up.

the power of seeing each other.
i think we forget.
we must.
cause i think we’d be more intent on hearing each other
if we didn’t forget. we’d be more intent on letting each other know.
wouldn’t we?

but there are moments when we get it right.
and we do this for another.
i have tried hard to pay this gift forward.

but this morning was such a gorgeous reminder –
to keep it in mind.
offer this to people.
and accept it with such gratitude when it is offered to me.

it’s one of the most beautiful gifts of being human.

she looks