a delicious stew

i have mixed up something delicious lately!
and i am so darn excited!

so okay,
not discounting years of tons of inner work,
yeah, that’s in the pot for sure –

but! i think my stew really started bubbling
when i read two thoughts from jordan peterson –

– tell the truth, or just don’t lie.

– don’t say anything that makes you weak.

(and by weak, i believe he means ‘not who you want to be.’

those two things have stuck in my head the minute i heard ’em.
and they haven’t left.

they have provided me with a ton of thought
and a direction to use for awareness.

and! more of a working definition of ‘personal responsibility.’

that stuff really has added one heck of a delicious flavor to my stew!

and then there’s this mind watching i’ve been doing,
spurred on by michael singer and his ‘the untethered soul.’
observing your thoughts and choosing to let things go.

i got stuck on understanding how to let things go,
so my own imaginary friend gave me some help there.
(see past two blogs.)

and yesterday, this whole stew, filled with oodles of ingredients,
gurgled in the most scrumptious way.

could it be?!
could it be the over and over trying to honestly look at what
i’m thinking, saying, doing, believing and choosing would give
me this incredible taste that i is all over me right now?!

extreme ownership.
and all the other tidbits in this stew of mine –
i’m loving it.
i am just loving it.

let’s keep mixing and see what we can come up with!