Bone Sigh Arts

PODCAST: the sky inside her

light changes dark. it doesn't matter the size of the flame - it's the keeping it lit that counts. let's join together and be each other's candles.

"...I have days where I’m filled with joy and confidence and laughter, and I have days where self doubt takes over and I get filled with fear. And sometimes, every now and then, I know with every part of me that I’m living a life of love and that offering who I am is exactly what I want to be doing..." click here for my story

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"...i believe that the pain was so strong at first and so much that I couldn't use the pronoun 'i', as it was too much to hold. Almost all of the early bone sighs are written with the pronoun 'she'"
"I was drawn to your art and words a couple of years ago when my husband and I were browsing through an art gallery in Virginia. I spent over an hour reading your poems and felt my soul stirring inside and tears rolling down my checks on the outside. I am so grateful for stumbling upon your work . . . I look forward to receiving my daily bone sigh. It always brings me back to my inner depths and reminds me what truly matters. Thank you for shining your bright light into my darkness."