a friend, dr. phil, and my sons…

there we sat talkin’ about
what drives us.
a topic i keep bringing up with my sons.
ever since i’ve been dabbling with the
emdr stuff, i have been thinking a lot
about our hidden drives.the ones that
we don’t even realize are there.

after a conversation with a friend where we kinda
stumbled upon a drive of hers,
the subject was noisily rollin’ around in my head again.
before we stumbled into all that stuff for her,
she had mentioned dr. phil telling someone that they
were getting something out of a hard situation
and how that was ringing in her ears.

so there i sat talkin’ with my sons about drives.
i have decided that all i can do in the mother realm now
is to hand any tools/insights/important questions their way.
and just leave them there for them to do as they wish.

since we’ve been talkin’ this kinda stuff their whole life,
they easily hop into the conversations.
and one of ’em mentioned that it’d be nice to have a question
that was as handy as the ‘what’s your goal?’ question has turned
out to be.

we pondered a question that would help us find the drives
inside of us. commenting on how if they’re hidden, or deep,
it’s not so straight forward – that any question would require
some digging for the answer.

and that’s when i heard my friend in my head mentioning dr. phil.
maybe that’s the tool that would help us dig –
maybe asking ourselves ‘what am i getting out of this?’ can help
us begin the digging process?

we all stopped and thought about that.
don’t know yet.
we’re gonna have to put it to work and try it out.
but sure seems like a pretty handy question one way or another.

and in that moment, my friend, dr. phil and my sons all came together
in my head! i could feel my whole being smile.

what an incredible exploration this living life can be.
let’s play with this a bit and see if it gets us anywhere?
could be really cool.