Quote of the day archive

Wed July 23rd 14us
Tue July 22nd 14way beyond
Mon July 21st 14even when
Sat July 19th 14i hold you
Mon July 14th 14starlit wings
Sun July 13th 14life
Fri July 11th 14trust and magic
Thu July 10th 14it's there
Wed July 9th 14thru the phone line
Mon July 7th 14goals
Sun July 6th 14holiness exploded
Thu July 3rd 14a sister
Sat June 28th 14carol's light
Wed June 25th 14holding love
Tue June 24th 14prayer
Sun June 22nd 14laying it behind
Sat June 21st 14once seen
Thu June 19th 14maps
Mon June 16th 14 maps
Fri June 13th 14 i am enough
Wed June 11th 14 a vow to my partner
Tue June 10th 14 protection
Sun June 8th 14being love
Fri June 6th 14 acceptance
Wed June 4th 14 the color dance
Thu May 29th 14 the first notes
Tue May 27th 14 no more tears
Mon May 26th 14 dancing on air
Sun May 25th 14 the pain
Tue May 20th 14the mud puddle
Sun May 18th 14her pocket
Thu May 15th 14for annie
Wed May 14th 14falling
Tue May 13th 14welcome home
Mon May 12th 14for nancy
Sun May 11th 14 solo flight
Fri May 9th 14 candle of peace
Thu May 8th 14 you can be anything
Wed May 7th 14a whisper
Tue May 6th 14inside it
Mon May 5th 14her stars
Fri May 2nd 14brambles
Thu May 1st 14loosening her grip
Wed April 30th 14the game
Tue April 29th 14your inner child
Mon April 28th 14healing your wounds
Fri April 25th 14 really love you
Thu April 24th 14 the limits
Wed April 23rd 14and the trees sang
Tue April 22nd 14you
Mon April 21st 14 her core
Sun April 20th 14 not her deal
Sat April 19th 14peace
Fri April 18th 14remembering god
Thu April 17th 14re-awakening
Wed April 16th 14knowing
Tue April 15th 14calling her....
Mon April 14th 14love
Sat April 12th 14 colors
Fri April 11th 14yeah
Thu April 10th 14let it
Wed April 9th 14stepping up
Tue April 8th 14the Light
Mon April 7th 14toes in
Sun April 6th 14 so much more
Sat April 5th 14 boulders
Fri April 4th 14for laura
Thu April 3rd 14holding you close
Wed April 2nd 14the task
Tue April 1st 14the space below
Mon March 31st 14beams of light
Sun March 30th 14 bridges
Sat March 29th 14the universe
Fri March 28th 14tasting the stars
Thu March 27th 14a space
Wed March 26th 14 touching love
Tue March 25th 14 the lost quote
Mon March 24th 14 meeting herself
Sun March 23rd 14open
Sat March 22nd 14 birthing her
Fri March 21st 14 shaky landing
Thu March 20th 14choices
Wed March 19th 14control
Tue March 18th 14a new home
Mon March 17th 14the stars in the nite
Sun March 16th 14 my dreams
Sat March 15th 14 using it
Fri March 14th 14different directions
Thu March 13th 14 hold my hand
Wed March 12th 14new keys
Tue March 11th 14worlds unseen
Mon March 10th 14glimpses
Thu March 6th 14melting boulders
Wed March 5th 14maybe it's time
Tue March 4th 14 you
Mon March 3rd 14 honoring you, honoring me
Fri February 28th 14we begin
Thu February 27th 14the glow
Wed February 26th 14what she does
Tue February 25th 14holding the light of you
Mon February 24th 14what if
Sat February 22nd 14shade
Fri February 21st 14facing the shame
Wed February 19th 14stepping stone
Tue February 18th 14she knew
Mon February 17th 14silence
Fri February 14th 14 a vow to my heart
Thu February 13th 14and finally
Wed February 12th 14slipping
Tue February 11th 14hearts
Mon February 10th 14mantra
Fri February 7th 14alchemists
Thu February 6th 14an understanding
Wed February 5th 14side by side
Tue February 4th 14 i want
Mon February 3rd 14his art
Sun February 2nd 14i'm scared
Fri January 31st 14the hole
Thu January 30th 14right thru them
Wed January 29th 14 growing
Tue January 28th 14the cave
Mon January 27th 14placing
Fri January 24th 14it
Thu January 23rd 14her now
Wed January 22nd 14the light inside
Tue January 21st 14fre
Mon January 20th 14it's not your fault
Fri January 17th 14 underneath
Thu January 16th 14two feet in
Wed January 15th 14for kristen
Tue January 14th 14sky dust
Mon January 13th 14allowing it
Sun January 12th 14 i will not run
Fri January 10th 14what she does
Thu January 9th 14reminders
Wed January 8th 14flowing
Tue January 7th 14 the secret
Mon January 6th 14 answers
Sun January 5th 14 bold as love
Sat January 4th 14 who they are
Fri January 3rd 14the only door
Thu January 2nd 14time to remember
Wed January 1st 14making room
Tue December 31st 13 happy
Mon December 30th 13seth
Sat December 28th 13 magic
Fri December 27th 13the mists
Thu December 26th 13high dive
Wed December 25th 13 empty buckets
Tue December 24th 13 another passage
Mon December 23rd 13picking it up
Fri December 20th 13her song
Thu December 19th 13letting love in
Wed December 18th 13 beyond her
Tue December 17th 13stretching my soul
Mon December 16th 13shoots of light
Fri December 13th 13a roar
Thu December 12th 13the magic
Wed December 11th 13easier again
Tue December 10th 13be
Mon December 9th 13 beyond
Fri December 6th 13quiet generosity
Thu December 5th 13 the dance of the wylde
Wed December 4th 13her wings
Tue December 3rd 13 sharing it
Mon December 2nd 13 the colors came back
Fri November 29th 13galaxies
Thu November 28th 13 so easy
Wed November 27th 13journey of tears
Tue November 26th 13 and the universe listened....
Mon November 25th 13turning point
Fri November 22nd 13 for amy
Thu November 21st 13yin yang
Wed November 20th 13let's go
Tue November 19th 13 your tears
Mon November 18th 13a thought
Fri November 15th 13somehow
Thu November 14th 13in the corner
Wed November 13th 13your story
Tue November 12th 13the hunk of sadness
Mon November 11th 13opening
Sun November 10th 13 gaining
Fri November 8th 13the blaze
Thu November 7th 13back to the world
Wed November 6th 13 her giant
Tue November 5th 13 living gratitude
Mon November 4th 13best parts
Fri November 1st 13the ditch
Thu October 31st 13those that will
Wed October 30th 13 for rachel's sister
Tue October 29th 13the real you're looking for
Mon October 28th 13the safe place
Fri October 25th 13invasion
Thu October 24th 13letting go
Wed October 23rd 13miracles
Tue October 22nd 13lift your wings
Mon October 21st 13it wasn't hers
Fri October 18th 13 reaching
Thu October 17th 13words
Wed October 16th 13your passing
Tue October 15th 13quiet
Mon October 14th 13mistakes
Fri October 11th 13 choices
Thu October 10th 13steady
Wed October 9th 13 reaching past her
Tue October 8th 13it's only me and you now.
Mon October 7th 13speaking
Sat October 5th 13 growing
Fri October 4th 13up to her
Thu October 3rd 13truly alive
Wed October 2nd 13salt
Tue October 1st 13 her value
Mon September 30th 13yes
Fri September 27th 13just the process
Thu September 26th 13 roots
Wed September 25th 13her reason
Tue September 24th 13i'm not a victim anymore
Mon September 23rd 13 the door closed
Fri September 20th 13 staring at the mirror
Thu September 19th 13a patchwork
Wed September 18th 13little one
Tue September 17th 13herselves
Mon September 16th 13 it closed
Fri September 13th 13truly alive
Thu September 12th 13 gently wrapping her
Wed September 11th 13the sky
Tue September 10th 13if I could
Mon September 9th 13 letting them go
Fri September 6th 13 house warming
Thu September 5th 13the latch
Wed September 4th 13the entrance
Tue September 3rd 13 nurturing
Mon September 2nd 13 seeing
Fri August 30th 13laughter spilled
Thu August 29th 13live and laugh
Wed August 28th 13 alone
Tue August 27th 13 my goddess friend
Mon August 26th 13 on her own
Fri August 23rd 13 splinters
Thu August 22nd 13 the whole
Wed August 21st 13mountain spirit
Tue August 20th 13 wrong verdict
Mon August 19th 13a living prayer
Fri August 16th 13 nope.
Thu August 15th 13holiness
Wed August 14th 13 free hands
Tue August 13th 13 for my brother
Mon August 12th 13more than anything
Fri August 9th 13the healing began
Thu August 8th 13 my women friends
Wed August 7th 13messes
Tue August 6th 13 river of steel
Mon August 5th 13the cave
Fri August 2nd 13where real chaos cooks
Thu August 1st 13her white tree
Wed July 31st 13sharing love
Tue July 30th 13across the table
Mon July 29th 13 healing your wounds
Fri July 26th 13trials
Thu July 25th 13 forcing her
Wed July 24th 13keeper of her heart
Tue July 23rd 13 all along
Mon July 22nd 13 gentle and soft
Fri July 19th 13 radically accept
Thu July 18th 13remembering the flowers
Wed July 17th 13 a blink of an eye
Tue July 16th 13a way of life
Mon July 15th 13 driving home
Fri July 12th 13 the music roared
Thu July 11th 13 all parts
Wed July 10th 13rainbow hair
Tue July 9th 13making it thru
Mon July 8th 13the impossible
Fri July 5th 13love
Thu July 4th 13living it
Wed July 3rd 13a rumble
Tue July 2nd 13 their arms
Mon July 1st 13 looking up
Fri June 28th 13losing boundaries
Thu June 27th 13 you
Wed June 26th 13 making space
Tue June 25th 13 the thaw
Mon June 24th 13a drip turned into a stream
Fri June 21st 13a depth
Thu June 20th 13pumping
Wed June 19th 13the knots
Tue June 18th 13sue
Mon June 17th 13 for barbara
Fri June 14th 13what we shared
Thu June 13th 13 honoring
Wed June 12th 13i heard you
Tue June 11th 13 souls
Mon June 10th 13for real
Fri June 7th 13awareness
Thu June 6th 13pulling loose
Wed June 5th 13 peace
Tue June 4th 13 admitting it
Mon June 3rd 13the gift deepened
Sun June 2nd 13 for lee
Fri May 31st 13 together
Thu May 30th 13missed opportunities
Wed May 29th 13 for rachel's mom
Tue May 28th 13 the all
Mon May 27th 13oneness
Fri May 24th 13 the veil
Thu May 23rd 13for kate
Wed May 22nd 13dwell together
Tue May 21st 13 diving
Mon May 20th 13 musicians
Fri May 17th 13 weaving
Thu May 16th 13yet again
Wed May 15th 13once more
Tue May 14th 13possibilities
Mon May 13th 13 cleaning
Sat May 11th 13 maybe
Fri May 10th 13eric
Thu May 9th 13 she fell
Wed May 8th 13life's script
Tue May 7th 13becoming love
Mon May 6th 13i am worthy
Fri May 3rd 13two feet in
Thu May 2nd 13it was then
Wed May 1st 13ever motion
Tue April 30th 13 steps
Mon April 29th 13 melted
Sat April 27th 13 her truth
Fri April 26th 13i believe
Thu April 25th 13 one's self
Wed April 24th 13only love
Tue April 23rd 13 a child
Mon April 22nd 13 the gathering
Fri April 19th 13 commitment
Thu April 18th 13all in the heart
Wed April 17th 13open hands
Tue April 16th 13 the flood
Mon April 15th 13 honoring them
Fri April 12th 13 grab it
Thu April 11th 13 you love
Wed April 10th 13sacred vessels
Tue April 9th 13 compassion
Mon April 8th 13 beyond forgiving
Fri April 5th 13always
Thu April 4th 13all it could
Wed April 3rd 13nugget
Tue April 2nd 13dreams present
Mon April 1st 13freedom
Fri March 29th 13 prayer
Thu March 28th 13travels
Wed March 27th 13beyond sterile
Tue March 26th 13 after all
Mon March 25th 13 loving you/loving me
Fri March 22nd 13 rains
Thu March 21st 13 reaching him
Wed March 20th 13 we begin
Tue March 19th 13 values
Mon March 18th 13bursting
Sat March 16th 13 young artist
Fri March 15th 13 the magic stool
Thu March 14th 13 she wasn't them
Wed March 13th 13clarity
Tue March 12th 13 history in her veins
Mon March 11th 13home again
Fri March 8th 13 friendship
Thu March 7th 13 conviction
Wed March 6th 13 she helped
Tue March 5th 13 being brave
Mon March 4th 13a new life
Fri March 1st 13 birth
Thu February 28th 13 mad intensities
Wed February 27th 13it all just was
Tue February 26th 13dust
Mon February 25th 13 echoes
Fri February 22nd 13silver linings
Thu February 21st 13grace
Wed February 20th 13 her power
Tue February 19th 13under the trees
Mon February 18th 13 gold
Fri February 15th 13 just be
Thu February 14th 13 languages
Wed February 13th 13 herself
Tue February 12th 13 discoveries
Mon February 11th 13 9/11
Fri February 8th 13 new day
Thu February 7th 13 out of somewhere
Wed February 6th 13 dancing
Tue February 5th 13 her light
Mon February 4th 13choices
Fri February 1st 13emptying their hands
Thu January 31st 13 srv
Wed January 30th 13 letting her in
Tue January 29th 13finger tip
Mon January 28th 13 her son
Fri January 25th 13 energies
Thu January 24th 13 rough roads
Wed January 23rd 13my guys
Tue January 22nd 13 i choose you
Mon January 21st 13 her cathedral
Fri January 18th 13patchwork
Thu January 17th 13 being
Wed January 16th 13 pieces of her heart
Tue January 15th 13embracing herself
Mon January 14th 13 demons
Fri January 11th 13it was hers
Thu January 10th 13 turning
Wed January 9th 13 your truth
Tue January 8th 13flaws
Mon January 7th 13 doors
Sat January 5th 13 again
Fri January 4th 13 rules
Thu January 3rd 13 black sheep
Wed January 2nd 13 forgiveness
Tue January 1st 13 beyond the scars
Mon December 31st 12 new perspective
Fri December 28th 12malala
Thu December 27th 12 she became real
Wed December 26th 12it was there
Tue December 25th 12 sacred ground
Mon December 24th 12the scary stuff
Fri December 21st 12soaring away
Thu December 20th 12 her place
Wed December 19th 12waking up
Tue December 18th 12 growth
Mon December 17th 12 web weavers
Fri December 14th 12 behind the fire
Thu December 13th 12 keeping her strong
Wed December 12th 12 her offering
Tue December 11th 12 journeys
Mon December 10th 12unconditional
Sat December 8th 12 delight
Fri December 7th 12 her treasure
Thu December 6th 12 responsibility
Wed December 5th 12 bonds
Tue December 4th 12 fear
Mon December 3rd 12 waves
Fri November 30th 12 come here
Thu November 29th 12 giving
Wed November 28th 12 time for real
Tue November 27th 12 her answer
Mon November 26th 12 helen
Wed November 21st 12 gratitude
Tue November 20th 12 in
Mon November 19th 12 the festival
Sun November 18th 12 faded jeans
Fri November 16th 12beacons
Thu November 15th 12down deep
Wed November 14th 12 umbrella rides
Tue November 13th 12 maryann
Mon November 12th 12 thanksgiving
Fri November 9th 12 my son
Thu November 8th 12 fitting in
Wed November 7th 12 my partner
Tue November 6th 12 season of hope
Mon November 5th 12in the right direction
Sun November 4th 12 denise
Fri November 2nd 12 softness
Thu November 1st 12sometimes
Wed October 31st 12 voices
Tue October 30th 12 our canoe ride
Mon October 29th 12safer than ever before
Fri October 26th 12 three friends
Thu October 25th 12 hard times
Wed October 24th 12 a court of two sisters
Tue October 23rd 12 nothing
Mon October 22nd 12 pulling me in
Fri October 19th 12 real happiness
Thu October 18th 12 continuing on
Wed October 17th 12not knowing
Tue October 16th 12beth
Mon October 15th 12 becoming the crone
Fri October 12th 12 the bear
Thu October 11th 12 jennene
Wed October 10th 12 her kiss
Tue October 9th 12his pain
Mon October 8th 12 for terry
Sat October 6th 12 blame
Fri October 5th 12his pain
Thu October 4th 12 home
Wed October 3rd 12 thanks
Tue October 2nd 12 becoming
Mon October 1st 12from the stars
Fri September 28th 12 her circle
Thu September 27th 12 her trees
Wed September 26th 12 trust
Tue September 25th 12 good friend
Sat September 22nd 12 inner wisdom
Fri September 21st 12undercurrents
Thu September 20th 12 living passion
Wed September 19th 12 blue people
Tue September 18th 12 her beauty
Mon September 17th 12you tripped
Fri September 14th 12 strings
Thu September 13th 12 mother and child
Wed September 12th 12 her angels
Tue September 11th 12 my heart
Mon September 10th 12part of they mystery
Fri September 7th 12who could tell?
Thu September 6th 12 my kids
Wed September 5th 12i matter
Tue September 4th 12 joy
Mon September 3rd 12 she understood
Fri August 31st 12bets
Thu August 30th 12andrew
Wed August 29th 12in and around
Tue August 28th 12sharing stars
Fri August 24th 12just
Thu August 23rd 12yet you're not
Wed August 22nd 12pearls
Tue August 21st 12self forgiveness
Mon August 20th 12wear and tear
Fri August 17th 12wrestling
Thu August 16th 12the sea
Wed August 15th 12it's all okay
Tue August 14th 12illusions
Mon August 13th 12always
Fri August 10th 12her life
Thu August 9th 12heaviness
Wed August 8th 12wanna play?
Tue August 7th 12where to start
Mon August 6th 12remembering
Fri August 3rd 12singing
Thu August 2nd 12over and over again
Wed August 1st 12angel elizabeth
Tue July 31st 12those wings
Mon July 30th 12make it
Fri July 27th 12my little girl
Thu July 26th 12under
Wed July 25th 12forever
Tue July 24th 12marian
Mon July 23rd 12for keely
Fri July 20th 12moments
Thu July 19th 12layers
Wed July 18th 12mixing
Tue July 17th 12that's it
Mon July 16th 12cracking open
Fri July 13th 12 forward
Thu July 12th 12what she wanted
Wed July 11th 12my own eyes
Tue July 10th 12mothering
Mon July 9th 12my day
Fri July 6th 12all she had
Thu July 5th 12us
Wed July 4th 12 funny
Tue July 3rd 12drop the details
Mon July 2nd 12loving me back
Fri June 29th 12mar again
Thu June 28th 12wylde flower
Wed June 27th 12drop it
Tue June 26th 12holding the memory
Tue June 26th 12 star bursts
Mon June 25th 12growing,learning,becoming
Fri June 22nd 12still
Thu June 21st 12 offering
Wed June 20th 12she did so
Tue June 19th 12 depths of blue
Mon June 18th 12clouds
Fri June 15th 12calling her
Thu June 14th 12 for women everywhere....
Wed June 13th 12standing
Tue June 12th 12darkness and light
Mon June 11th 12her and her heart
Fri June 8th 12you love
Thu June 7th 12learning
Wed June 6th 12always right
Tue June 5th 12her dancing shoes
Mon June 4th 12 honoring my wholeness
Fri June 1st 12it'll be okay
Thu May 31st 12standing
Wed May 30th 12one swoop
Tue May 29th 12i rest
Mon May 28th 12heading home
Sat May 26th 12 her hero
Fri May 25th 12loving wholeheartedly
Thu May 24th 12 trust and opening
Wed May 23rd 12giving
Tue May 22nd 12when our hearts are open
Mon May 21st 12 fre
Fri May 18th 12 real
Thu May 17th 12a new part
Wed May 16th 12 kai's blessing
Tue May 15th 12shifting dreams
Mon May 14th 12facing the sun
Fri May 11th 12 hooks
Thu May 10th 12 perhaps
Wed May 9th 12she kept going
Tue May 8th 12flickering
Mon May 7th 12rocking and crumbling
Fri May 4th 12creating us
Thu May 3rd 12sharing tea
Wed May 2nd 12white in the dark
Tue May 1st 12complicated
Mon April 30th 12dance floors
Fri April 27th 12honoring my wholeness
Thu April 26th 12 freedom
Wed April 25th 12 solitary flight
Tue April 24th 12you listen
Mon April 23rd 12the same being
Fri April 20th 12me, myself
Thu April 19th 12 her words
Wed April 18th 12the light we're looking for
Tue April 17th 12her worth
Mon April 16th 12little k
Sun April 15th 12 time
Fri April 13th 12 daring
Thu April 12th 12 kylie
Wed April 11th 12girlfriends
Tue April 10th 12sisterhood
Mon April 9th 12 holding the light of you
Fri April 6th 12our spirits met
Thu April 5th 12if
Wed April 4th 12in his memory
Tue April 3rd 12what matters
Mon April 2nd 12 acceptance
Fri March 30th 12feeling the current

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